The Big Green Egg outdoor dining

Sold by Canterbury’s local experts

Reach the pinnacle of outdoor dining with the nation’s unique and most efficient outdoor cooker: The Big Green Egg.

Modernise the way you cook outdoors

The Big Green Egg is a revolutionary combination of ancient wisdom, modern technology, and proprietary processes that makes it unlike any other outdoor cooking unit on the market. Using patented technology and components, The Big Green Egg delivers a unique outdoor cooking experience guaranteed to inspire for summers on end.

Its top-of-the-range ceramic technology provides improved heat insulation, thermal shock tolerance, and durability creating a hard wearing and resistant product that will stand the test of time. At Heat Design in Canterbury, we supply and deliver The Big Green Egg throughout the country. Why not contact us today and find out more?

The benefits of The Big Green Egg

One of the primary advantages of The Big Green Egg is that you are in total control of its temperature. No worrying over coals staying alight, waiting for the barbecue to warm up or serving burnt and raw food – with The Big Green Egg, you have it your way.

  • Easy to start – The Big Green Egg is ready to cook in minutes. Using premium The Big Green Egg natural lump charcoal, you’re guaranteed a high performance and delicious cooking experience
  • Pinpoint temperature control – You can grill, smoke and bake at precise temperatures simply by adjusting the patented air flow controls. You have complete control over your Egg’s temperature
  • Safe to use – The Big Green Egg is safer to use than standard barbecues, thanks to its ceramic surface which doesn’t get as hot as a metal grill, and the heat source which is protected within a ceramic fire box inside the base
  • Self-cleaning surfaces – The Big Green Egg features a stainless steel cooking grid and an attractive green exterior with a lifetime glaze that retains its flawless looks and easily wipes clean without any chemical cleaners. Inside the Egg, residual heat burns away any grease build-up – just like a self-cleaning oven

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