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Give your wonderful home the incredible cooker it deserves with a Rayburn

Rayburn Ovens KentLike its sister company Aga, Rayburn manufacture premium quality, cast iron and enamel-finished ovens that not only cook your food fantastically, but also provide your kitchen with a warm glow of heat that radiates throughout your home.

For all Rayburn cooker owners, their oven is the heart and focal point of their home. Let our experts advise you on whether your kitchen is better suited to a solid fuel Rayburn, Gas Rayburn, or oil-fired Rayburn. What’s more, you can expect top class service and a faultless installation.

We are a Rayburn Heat Centre and Rayburn Guild Accredited.


Why choose Rayburn?

For more than sixty years, Rayburn has been the warm heart of many British homes. A market leader in central heating range cookers, its iconic design, absolute reliability, and flexibility have been at the centre of its enduring success.

A Rayburn is a totally flexible and controllable cast-iron range cooker that will transform your kitchen into a warm, welcoming space. Today’s models offer you all this, plus the efficiency provided by cutting-edge engineering. Benefiting from the very latest boiler design and burner technologies, a Rayburn delivers high levels of efficiency that are independently tested and verified. And because the Rayburn is as good-looking as it is practical, it’s a joy to live with.

Beautiful British-made Rayburn cookers

Rayburn Ovens Kent StockistWith over twenty years’ experience, our team can advise you on the best Rayburn stove to suit your home, as well as providing a full and safe installation

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