Are wood burning stoves to be banned in 2021?

NO is the answer!

If you own a log burning stove you will know that it’s the centre piece of your home especially on a cold winters night, so when the government announced the sale of logs is to be phased out from 2021 it must have sent a shiver down your flue?

Gas Fires Kent

Don’t panic, the government is talking about ‘wet’ logs, that’s to say a log with a moisture content over 20%. Seasoning logs can take up to a year to season depending on the species but if you purchase  from a reputable supplier you will be within the requirement.

If you want to become Eco Compliant (2022) now, we stock ECO 2022 compliant stoves and kiln dried logs that guarantee meeting the 0.5gm or less requirement for the future.

Contact Alex or Dan for more information about the new laws and compliant products and consumables.

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