Woodwarm Fireview 9kw

Woodwarm Fireview 9kw
Output9 kW
Dimensions68.3 x 64 x 38.3 cm
Colours AvailableRich Brown Metallic, Honey Glow Brown, Blue Metallic, Forest Green and Metallic Black

The original Fireview stove, the Woodwarm Fireview 9kw is a proficient wood burning stove, with useful features and a rich list of options. As good as it every was.

The Woodwarm Fireview 9kw, as with all Woodwarm stoves, comes with a removable ash pan and an abundance of options. The double sided version of this stove allows either 360 degree views of the fire, or alternatively to heat two rooms with back to back fireplaces.


  • Dedicated wood model.
  • Straight sided model.
  • Double sided, single or double depth.
  • Brass handles.
  • Plinth or pedistal stand.
  • 50, 100 and 150mm extra long legs.

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