Woodwarm make a great range of hand made stoves in steel and cast iron. State of the art efficiency combined with great contemporary manufacturing techniques.

Woodwarm Fireview 12kw Plus

The Woodwarm Fireview 12kw has a huge capacity along with a massive glass view of the fire.

Woodwarm Fireview Slender 7kw

The Woodwarm Slender 7kw is a charming wood burning stove that can be put on a plinth just about anywhere.

Woodwarm Fireview Slender 5kw

A great looking stove with a large single door and a whole range of options.

Woodwarm Enigma 8kw

The free-standing Woodwarm Enigma 8kw has a charming two door appearance but with modern airflow technology.

Woodwarm Enigma Inset 3.5kw

Easily fitted, the Woodwarm Enigma Inset 3.5kw slots right into your home with ease.

Woodwarm Wildwood 9kw

An excellent mid range stove, with boiler options as required.

Woodwarm Wildwood 6kw

The clean burning technology means that the Woodwarm 6kw Wildwood will always permit a clean view of the fire.

Woodwarm Fireview 9kw

With Woodwarm’s airwash system, the Woodwarm Fireview 9kw allows great views of the fire and a huge number of options.

Woodwarm Fireview 6kw

The most popular stove in the Woodwarm range, the Woodwarm 6kw is a great stove to heat any home.

Woodwarm Fireview 4kw Inset

Optimal heat output with minimal profile, the Fireview Inset 4kw is a little wonder that can be inserted snugly into a wall.

Woodwarm Fireview 20kw

The largest capacity stove of the Woodwarm range, the Woodwarm 20kw has an absolutely staggering capacity.

Woodwarm Fireview 16kw

A grand stove with a huge array of options, the Woodwarm Fireview 16kw is a high output stove which can be attached to a water heating system.

Woodwarm Fireview 12kw

The Woodwarm Fireview 12kw is the largest stove from Woodwarm in this casting. Huge.

Woodwarm Foxfire 4kw

A great little stove, the Woodwarm Foxfire 4kw still is tremendously engineered and packs a heating punch.

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