Efficient and stunning Chesney’s wood burning stoves

We are delighted to offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly and efficient Chesney’s wood burning stoves.

Minimise your emissions with a stove from Chesney’s

Chesney’s have employed the latest technology in creating a range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves that combine efficiency with minimal emissions. By using a clean-burn and air-wash technology, Chesney’s wood burning stoves contribute to a healthier environment by substantially reducing emissions whilst delivering an outstanding level of efficiency.

We are proud to display a stunning selection of Chesney wood and multi-fuel stoves in our showroom, some of which are on live display – visit us today to explore our range.

A Chesneys woodburner sits next to an armchair inside a brick-lined alcove

We supply a range of Chesney’s stoves

  • The Alpine Stove
  • The Belgravia Stove
  • The Beaumont Stove
  • The Milan Stove
  • The Salisbury Stove
  • The Shoreditch Stove

Choose from a wide range of cutting edge Chesney’s wood burners,
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