The Iconic AGA range cooker almost needs no introduction. No matter where you live, whatever your lifestyle, there’s an AGA range cooker that fits perfectly into your home.

Whether it slots neatly between existing kitchen units, against a wall or within a kitchen island, it’s all about versatility. You can choose between 14 enamel colours; two, three or four ovens and a choice of fuel that suits you.

An AGA range cooker is always ready to cook and there are no switches and dials.Heat is transferred into cast iron ovens and released steadily ensuring a gentler process which preserves more of the food’s moisture, flavour, texture and goodness.

With AGA Cooker’s new AIMS (AGA Intelligent Management System) system, the cooker is now programmable and can go into a slumber mode when you are not using it. Good news for your bills and the environment.


AGA 5-oven Total Control

The fully programmable electric AGA cooker .From the exterior, the AGA Total Control appears to be just the same as the AGA cooker we know and love.

AGA Modules

Extend your AGA – make the AGA range cooker even more versatile with an integrated or free standing module.

AGA Masterchef Deluxe

All the great features of the AGA Masterchef – but much much more. The perfect range cooker for the pro-sumer chef.

AGA Masterchef

The AGA Masterchef is an outstandingly versatile range cooker perfect for those passionate about food.

AGA S-Series Six-Four Classic

The AGA S-Series Six-Four Classic gives all the benefits of a conventional range cooker with the classic 1930s heat storage styling of the first ever AGA cooker.

AGA S-Series Six-Four

The AGA S-Series Six-Four range cooker provides the classic good looks of the iconic AGA heat storage cookers, but in a conventional range cooker.

AGA S-Series Four-Two

Just 60 cm wide, the AGA S-Series Four-Two range cooker gives you that classic AGA look in a compact space, with all the usual versatility and ease of use.

AGA Classic 4-Oven

The AGA Classic 4-Oven is a loving recreation inspired by the iconic design of the original 1930s AGA cookers.

AGA Classic 2-Oven

Inspired by the classic design of the AGA range cooker, the AGA Classic 2-Oven looks the part of the 1930s AGA range cooker, but inside is filled with the latest technology.

AGA 3-Oven

The AGA 3-Oven range cooker adds a baking oven to the ensemble of the roasting and simmering oven.

AGA 2-Oven (30 Amp)

The AGA 2-Oven (30 Amp) takes advantage of off peak electricity, storing heat through the night to be used during the day.

AGA 2-Oven

With a roasting oven and a simmering oven, the AGA 2-Oven looks great in an existing kitchen in a contemporary or traditional setting.

AGA 4-Oven (30 Amp)

The AGA 4-Oven (30 Amp) range cooker provides all the iconic style of the AGA range with this advantage of using off-peak electricity.

AGA 4-Oven

The AGA 4-Oven range cooker is nearly two and a half metres wide and is bursting with features. Alongside the roasting, simmering and baking ovens, the AGA 4-Oven range cooker adds a warming oven.


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