Fire Wood

Fire Wood

Sourcing the right fire wood to burn on your wood burning stove is more difficult than it might first appear. Firewood has to be dry, have the right quantity of moisture and, of course, be the correct size to fit inside the stove. Also the quantity is important and the ability to buy in bulk.

At Heat Design all our firewood is kiln dried and seasoned, broad leaf hard wood so that the wood burns longer and hotter. Our logs are sourced from sustainable and carefully managed British wood and, buying logs from Heat Design is environmentally sound too. From bundles of kindling to logs to wood pellets we have everything on display for you in the showroom

Here at Heat Design we also stock every accessory you might need to keep your logs safe and usable and more: log stores, log baskets and fire side accessories.

Kiln Dried Logs In Show Room

Natural Firelighters
Kindling (boxed)
Kindling (nets)
Bag Of Logs (Small)
Blowood Logs

Home Delivery

Pallet (80 bags)
Pallet (50 bags)
Large Bulk Bag (1.6 m³ – 45 bags)
Small Bulk Bag (1.2 m³ – 34 bags)

All log delivery is subject to the terms of service and delivery. Please read these before making an order.

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