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We are proud to offer our customers an incredible deal on Big Green Egg bundles that are designed to match any need or size.

Save money on fantastic Big Green Egg Bundles

The Big Green Egg is ideal for a modern outdoor cooking experience. Increased heat insulation, pinpoint temperature control and low exterior temperatures make The Big Green Egg both a cost-effective and worthwhile investment.

At Heat Design we offer our valued customers various The Big Green Egg bundles that are designed to match your needs at a fantastic price. Below, you will find the primary bundles that we offer including the best selling The Big Green Egg accessories.

A Big Green Egg cooker cooks away in a garden

Large Big Green Egg bundle

Our bestseller for years, the large Big Green Egg bundle is perfectly suited for families of between 4-6 people or couples who love to entertain. This bundle includes the plate-setter and cast iron searing grid. The plate-setter provides a barrier between the charcoal and the food making it ideal for baking, roasting, and slow cooking. The cast iron searing grid creates professional standard sears in your food giving you the status of outdoor chef supreme.

Extra large Big Green Egg bundle

This mammoth bundle is ideal for large family gatherings and commercial caterers. With the extra large firebox, you can achieve slow cooks of around 24 hours, or cook multiple items in one go. This bundle includes the plate-setter and searing grid as described above. Full assembly from one of our professional technicians is included in the price.

Meat cooks within a Big Green Egg cooker

MiniMax bundle

The best things come in small packages. The MiniMax Big Green Egg comes with its own transportation in the form of easy to grip carriers. The optimum choice for camping trips, the MiniMax can also be used in partnership with either a large or small Egg. Explore the versatility of The Big Green Egg in any location, discovering incredible flavours along the way.

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